Unconvertible identity

nr1: Cinderella complex, 2019

Unconvertible identity

nr2: it’s that time of the month, 2019

Unconvertible identity

nr3: #Metoo (im)balance 2019

Unconvertible identity

nr4: Silver lining, 2019

Green in black and white

Green in black and white, 2020

Drunk Chicks

Drunk Chicks

Drunk Chicks, 2021

Prioritize your play time

Play time 2021

Boxed pain

Boxed Pain, 2022

Don’t put your blame on me 

Don’t put your blame on me, 2022

This is not the end of me

This is not the end of me, 2022

Heels on wheels

Heels on wheels, 2022

You hideous thing

You hideous thing, 2022